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Lead Magnet-Mini Video Courses

Thank you for visiting my private dontation page.  Please don't mind my website...I am in the middle of creating it.  As you may or may not know a family emergency arose which resulted in my need to raise funds right away.   

Below you will find the products I have available which include rights license.  I have not placed a price on the products.  Instead I chose to allow you to determine a dollar amount you can donate.  If you see anything you are interested in you can simply visit my personal paypal donation link and in the optional message area you can list which items you want to receive.  I will schedule a training session with anyone who needs help editing their new lead magnets.

If you have any questions you can contact me on facebook or @ DigitalMarketing.You


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Each packet comes with approximately 18 checklists.  Each packet retails for $17.  Private Labeling Rights are included.  You are not to give away the entire packet.  You can give a few away, but if you plan on giving away the entire packet you must receive something in exchange...like an email address.  You can brand these lists with your own logo, company name etc.

I have 15 mini-courses in video format, ready for you to brand.  Private label rights included. You can view a branded version of the social media course here. As with the checklists, you cannot post the courses publicly.  They are intended to help you build your list.  Each 3 part course is broken up into 4 videos and has a spokesperson introduce each section.  You can even replace the training course with your own to further brand yourself.

Pinterest Automation Tool 

Last but not least, I have agency rights to an awesome Pinterest tool.  I have 5 slots available..first come first serve.  Let me tell you a little bit about the tool.  It is not a web-based application...you download it onto your computer.  You can add unlimited pinterest accounts.  You can schedule your own posts or go full automation.  It has the ability to curate high quality viral images and pin to your boards.  You can create multiple boards and set keywords to automate pinning.  If you are serious about organic traffic, Pinterest is the way to go.  You can even start your own agency with this software.  Check out the training playlist on youtube.  It will take about 6 hours to finish the process of adding you to my agency account so please be patient.  

#1 Product Creation 18Checklists!

#2 Email Marketing 18Checklists!

#3 Social Media 30Checklists!

#4 AffiliateMktg 19Checklists!

#6 Canva Design 32Checklists!

#7 Newbie Marketer 18Checklists!

#8 Messenger Mktg 21Checklists!

#5 Video Marketing 20Checklists!

#9 Outsourcing 18Checklists!

#10 Self-Publishing 20Checklists!

#11 Wordpress Biz 18Checklists!

#12 Offline Startup 18Checklists!

#13 Make$$$ Online 18Checklists!

#14 SEO 19Checklists!

#15 YouTube Advert. 18Checklists!

#16 Copywriting 18Checklists!

#17 ClickBank Mktg 18Checklists!

#18 LinkedIn Mktg 19Checklists!

#19 Webinar Selling 18Checklists!

#20 PLR Kickstart 18Checklists!

#1 Search Optimization

#2 Web Design

#3 Online Freelancing

#4 Social Marketing

#5 Email Marketing

#6 Search Advertising

#7 Lead Generation

#8 Funnel Building

#9 Banner Advertising

#10 Facebook Newsfeed Advert.

#11 Twitter Timeline Advertising

#12 Affiliate Recruiting

#13 Hiring & Outsourcing

#14 Split Testing

#15 Online Learning